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Hospitality and Catering

The Hospitality and Catering industry:

The hospitality and catering industry consists of a variety of services including food and drink preparation, as well as accommodation amenities within hotels, event venues, and corporate events..

By utilizing Dycem contamination control floor mats and push pad systems, the hospitality and catering industry will enhance hygiene practices and implement duty of care that will assist with customer safety and ensure expectations are met to the highest>
Complying with guidance to control the spread of germs and contamination, Dycem floor mats and push pads allow the industry to follow practices to ensure they can continue to provide a service. By controlling contamination from feet, wheels and hands, Dycem helps to reduce the risk and spread of viruses and other harmful infections.

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Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats and Push Pads are perfect support for key areas such as:

  • Hotel entry zones and lobbies
  • Goods in areas
  • Kitchen/Catering entrances /exits
  • Reception areas
  • Elevator access

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Hotel Santika

Hotel Fjorde


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