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As part of their start-up, Abbott Vascular in Costa Rica decided to implement Dycem using initial floor plans of the whole site.

Dycem implemented CZ02 WorkZone to provide contamination control within Abbott’s warehouse and adjacent hallways in the direction of their critical areas. Dycem also implemented CZ01 Cleanzone in Abbott’s male and female changing lockers areas as well as the main hallways with floor graphics depicting a small description with Abbott’s own personalised internal safety slogans.

As part of a second phase Dycem made additional installations in Abbott’s cafeteria exit to their critical hallways area and their Microbiology area as well. Dycem, since the beginning, has been used as a solution to floor level contamination control and Abbott has never had a contamination control situation, nor failed audits as a result of contamination/particle count issues.

Our contamination control solution

  • CleanZone CZ01
    • WorkZone CZ02


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