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Within their Powertrain Divisions, the risk of cross contamination and static charge is a grave concern and Continental are always looking for the most innovative and proven solution to help reduce risks.

During the past couple of years Continental have been using peel-off mats to help control contamination and cross contamination at entrances for personnel and within material transfer areas, however the heavier traffic flows within these areas were proving too much for using this type of flooring solution.

Dycem was specified and has been installed for a number of years within personnel entrances, material transfer areas and airlocks.

Our contamination control solution

  • CZ01 CleanZone installed into personnel entrances
  • CZ02 WorkZone installed into material transfer areas and airlocks

“The superior efficiency and simplicity of the Dycem system allows us to control heavier traffic scenarios.” Iulian Lazaroae, Continental


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