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Cleanrooms are rooms specifically designed to ensure control of the number of airborne particles within them is classified, and are constructed and operated to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room.

A cleanroom can come in a wide range of variants, such as Monobloc Cleanrooms and Hardwall and Softwall Cleanrooms, making processes variable of how to ensure all contamination and contaminants are removed from its vicinity.

The Cleanroom standard ISO 14644-1:2015 shows a range of cleanroom classes, these are defined by cleanliness levels and are centred around airborne particle counts. Cleanroom classes and their cleanliness depend on the processes, industry guidelines and legislations that are followed.

Contamination Problems For Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are prone to the dangers posed by contamination in a critical environment which can have a major impact on quality, product yield, effectiveness and profitability that they produce.

Particles, whether airborne, visible and invisible can affect standards of a cleanroom’s operational effectiveness. These particles can be viable and non-viable, made from different materials, come from various places and travel a range of distances, posing a threat to both inside and directly outside of a cleanroom.

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Two main types of particle contaminants, external, which is gross atmospheric contamination and internal particles, which humans usually generate can infiltrate your cleanroom, effecting processes and causing problems for processes.

Alongside to this, fine particles, which move within the air can also disrupt cleanroom processes, so it is essential correct contamination control measures are used, to ensure processes are followed and ISO regulations and standards are met.

How to Decontaminate Cleanrooms with Dycem Decontamination Floor Mats

Dycem’s sticky, decontamination floor mats are used in various styles of cleanroom globally and are adaptable to all regulations that cleanrooms must follow to ensure they are able to operate.

Using Dycem’s unique and unequalled cleanroom mats, allows cleanrooms to keep running to regulation standard and adapts to whichever cleanroom process need to be followed to ensure risks to products and damage to cleanroom procedures are avoided and decontamination procedures are followed.

Dycem complies with national and international legislation relating to the protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals and strictly monitors the supply chain to ensure chemicals that could infiltrate airborne particles are not present in their anti-microbial mats.

You can find all of our scientific studies and white papers for our cleanroom mats HERE

We carry out periodic testing of floor mats both on site and at independent accredited laboratories, to ensure cleanroom standards are kept for the customer using our products.

Where to place Decontamination Mats for Cleanrooms

Dycem contamination control floor mats can be placed either inside or outside of a cleanroom environment to ensure reduction of risk of airborne or floor level contaminants entering

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A customisable and adaptable solution to stop contamination, Dycem Floor Mats can capture and retain up to 99.9% of both foot and wheel-borne contamination and up to 75% of airborne contamination.

Scientifically proven and tested, they are manufactured with a polymeric compound, which creates a naturally tacky feel, enabling them to retain floor level contaminants and airborne contaminants.

Using Dycem’s naturally sticky floor mats as an alternative to peel off mats and shoe covers, which cause more waste and contamination problems than they solve, lasting a very limited time and proving to not be cost-effective, whereas Dycem floor mats have the capability to last anywhere between 3-5 years dependant on usage as they can be cleaned.

Cleaning Decontamination Mats for Cleanrooms

Cleaning the Dycem’s floor mats is easy and can be adapted into your regular cleaning SOPs.

We have specially researched and tested cleaning solutions compatible to use with Dycem to ensure the longevity of your installation throughout its lifecycle and the floor mats can also be cleaned with specifically designed wipes and by steam cleaning.

If choosing the floating floor mat option, these are the ultimate moveable mats that can be moved to allow cleaning to take place on the sub floor as well as the mat itself.

The video below gives you a step-by-step guide on how to clean Dycem flooring, with more information on cleaning our products being found below.

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