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Why You Should Stop using Disposable Tacky Mats and Peel-Off Mats

14th May 2019

It is common knowledge that critical environments, cleanroom or controlled areas should be protected within the manufacturing facility to minimize the presence of both viable and non-viable contamination during manufacturing performed under cleanroom and critical or controlled conditions.


Reduce Using Single-Use Plastic with Dycem Contamination Control

15th April 2019

Contaminated plastic waste is harmful to your environment, therefore by using disposable peel-off mats and plastic overshoes, YOU are harming your environment.


Listeria and the risk to human health: how Dycem can inhibit bacteria growth

29th March 2019

Listeria can pose a huge threat to human health and the food production industry. Recalled batches can damage a company’s reputation; reduce consumer trust and ultimately, death for high-risk consumers.