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Arqiva has recently commissioned a newly built facility, at one of their main teleports. From day one, the company was aware of the challenges associated with contamination control, and was conscious of the need to prevent dirt ingress into their highly technical site.

During the past couple of years Continental have been using peel-off mats to help control contamination and cross contamination at entrances for personnel and within material transfer areas, however the heavier traffic flows within these areas were proving too much for using this type of flooring solution. The company has faced this challenge head on, by selecting the best contamination control technologies available and by embedding a culture that actively prevents dirt from entering the building from its external thresholds.

Our Contamination Control specialist, Alun Jones, advised Arqiva to replace their existing vinyl topped tiles with Dycem’s Access Tiles, designed to allow easy access to services and utilities infrastructure in the floor void. Arqiva had Dycem’s polymeric flooring installed at two ingress points to reduce the risk of contamination from people and wheeled traffic, such as equipment racks and pallet trucks, entering the building. Dycem was also installed directly in front of internal doors to critical areas, thereby providing the best possible protection against contamination, and complying with Arqiva’s demanding requirements.

“We have used Dycem successfully on a smaller scale at another technical facility. The significant reduction in dirt ingress has given us sufficient confidence in the capabilities of Dycem’s Polymeric flooring solutions, to roll out the solution in our larger facilities, and on a bigger scale.” Steve Aitken, Lead Design Authority, Strategic Products & Technology, Arqiva


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